About Us

At Poldingroup sp.z o.o. we believe that our products are the best for everyone!

We are the official producer and distributor of products. We strive to make the majority of our products come from Polish, local producers. We are passionate about natural flavors, which is why we have created a place where everyone can discover wonderful, organic food with us. We search for articles that are prepared according to old, traditional recipes.

We carefully look at the labels of the products offered, guaranteeing that everything you find at Poldingroup.com is good, often hand-made, and this allows you to maintain the highest quality and taste of food. In our online store you will find, among others organic food, healthy snacks, vegan and gluten-free products. We have tried everything ourselves and eat every day, which gives you the guarantee that no product was found here by accident. We often go to the food fair to constantly expand the list of unique flavors in our store!

Why do you read this text all the time, if instead you can now buy healthy food in our online store and enjoy the taste of natural and organic products?




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