Wax-melter for a steam generator – 1500 mm, type “Warszawski”

Price – 730 EUR.


Item available by pre-order only.
For order please contact poldingroup@gmail.com


Processing time of one batch of frames, min. 20…25
Overall dimensions
Length 1505 mm
Width 500 mm
Height 810 mm
Height with folded legs 620 mm
Metal thickness 0.8 cm
Weight with a stand, kg 30


The wax melter for steam generator is designed for uncapping honey frames and for extracting wax from old and used honeycomb frames by steam fusing. In the process of work, the frames themselves are also disinfected.

The wax melter consists of:

– wax melter body;

– stands with telescopic legs;

– stainless steel lid;

– flat basket for cappings and wax filtering.

The housing has a fitting for connecting the hose to the steam generator and a drain fitting for the release of liquid wax and excess water and condensate.

Melting of wax is provided with the help of a wood or electric steam generator. Before the cob, the wax melter must be cleaned and rinsed with hot water. It is also necessary to connect the hose from the steam generator with the wax melter. Then the frames are set up and wax melter is closed with a lid. After the completion of the work, drain out the water and wax, then thoroughly clean and wash the wax melter.

Storage of the wax melter is carried out under certain conditions, which ensure its safety and a commodity look.

Material: AISI 304 stainless steel.


It is forbidden to use open fire for wax melting. The melting of wax is carried out only with the help of the steam generator.


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