Steam generator for steam wax melter (wood-fired)

Price – 550 EUR.
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Full boiler volume 18 L
Steam generator operating time at full water fill 1,5-2,5 hours
Steam generator mass   62 kg
Pressure Relief Valve 3 kg/cm2
 Manometer indication operating limits 0,05…0,4 kg/cm2
Overall dimensions of the steam generator:
Height without chimney extension 1070 mm
Height with chimney extension 1700 mm
Length 750 mm
Width 425 mm


A wood-burning steam generator is designed for steam producing. It is used with steam wax refineries for reliable wax heating in real-life condition. Firewood is used as the main type of fuel for a wood-burning steam generator. The main advantage of firewood over other fuels is low cost and accessibility.


Operation of the steam generator is allowed only outdoors. First, firewood must be loaded into the furnace and set on fire. 2-3 minutes after the start of combustion, pour water into the boiler through the neck at the top, having removed the cork (after filling, put the cork back). The volume of the poured water is ~ 15 l. (a bit not to the top). Before starting wax drainage, the hose must be connected to the corresponding fittings of the steam generator and wax refinery. After 20-30 minutes, boiling and steam generation must begin in the boiler, while the hose will become hot.


If it is necessary to add water to the boiler, the steam pressure in the system must be relieved using a safety valve. In order to avoid getting a steam burn, the cork should be opened slowly, while dumping the steam. In the process of work, it is necessary to monitor the manometer; if the pressure rises above 0.5 kg / cm2, immediately stop the operation of the steam generator, extinguish the fire in the furnace and relieve the pressure, then open the boiler plug.


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