Engraved machine rolls 5,37/320

Price – 1 380 EUR.
Item available by pre-order only.
For order please contact poldingroup@gmail.com

Cell size, mm Lenght of roller
working area, mm
Max width of
wax band, mm
Overall dimensions,
Rollers diameter,
Weight, kg
5,37 324 320 576х245х258 70,5 34
The pressing shaft is made of carbon steel and tin-coated.
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Engraved machine rolls are intended for thin wax tape rolling and getting wax foundation of it. Rolls are installed on a wax foundation rolling machine. Rolls can be used manually completed with a handle. Euipment consists of a welded steel body, rollers, a drive sprocket, tooth wheels with a drive lud, a tank made of a stainless steel sheet and pressure bolts. Friction bearing is also set.


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